Evolve is an Australian not-for-profit working with at-risk young people who know there’s a better path to be on but don’t know how to get there. 

We assist them in recognising their value, redefining their sense of self and making positive choices using using Narrative & Bush Adventure Therapy... all before ‘at-risk’ becomes a tragic reality. 


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At Evolve, we utilize experiential learning and adventure to work with young people to create a memorable and worthwhile experience. Find out more about the programs:


Our programs are based on the fundamental principles of early intervention, long term sustainability, connection to land and voluntary participation. Each program seeks to enhance young people’s view of themselves and expectations of future success.


Drawing on over a decade's experience in the field, The Evolve Hub offers accredited training in Bush Adventure & Narrative Therapy practice.

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The Australian Charity Storybook

The Australian Charity Storybook

The Australian Charity Storybook contains a collection of stories reflecting the significant impact charities have on human lives.

These often emotional stories illustrate the very human nature of what assisting others means to our society. 

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Private group accommodation booking is now available at Typo Station - an historic former cattle property located in the picturesque King Valley. 


With unique activities on offer, including blacksmith workshops, cooking classes, hikes, fly fishing and pioneer woodwork sessions, Typo Station can create the perfect balance of activity and relaxation.

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